Week 7: Our Last Month Begins

Week 7

After a relaxing start to the week with no work on Monday for Ghanaian Republic Day, we extended our holiday celebrations a little longer to enjoy a 4th of July feast. Shout out to Suzanne and her husband Steve for hosting us, to our new American friends from MIT and to Bengt and his wife for coming to this great American Independence celebration. Steve and Suzanne cooked us a delicious meal of brisket, baked potatoes, salad, and some gingerbread with whipped cream for dessert. God Bless the USA!



Our Journey to Tamale via Africa World Airlines

After our big feast and bigger sleep, our week really filled up quickly. Our two outstanding projects both came crashing in on us Wednesday as the components for PIPS arrived at Ashesi and our trip to iDE in the Northern Region was finalized. Not sure if we had enough time to complete the project and go to the north we questioned our trip to iDE in order to work on PIPS, but Dr. Fred reassured us that our main focus should be enjoying our experience here, doing things that will help us grow and making sure that UD kept sending engineers to Ashesi.



A Nice Big Ashesi Meal: Rice, groundnut soup, tilapia, bofrot balls and coffee


With next week away from Ashesi, Tom and I buckled down for the rest of the week in the hopes of getting as much work on PIPS finished as possible (cue 80’s montage). Our productivity was cut short by confusion with paying for our flights and we had to leave work early Friday to get to Accra to pay for our flights in person. Since we were in Accra anyways, we decided to go back to Agoo Hostel, where we went to the previous weekend, for our friend Anya’s birthday. We celebrated with a rag-tag group of American friends, some Germans we met at the hostel, and our favorite Agoo workers. It was a great night of dancing and trying to create/teach some fun games.

Saturday was Tom’s day of glory, it was the first time in a couple months that Tom got to play a real and more competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee (unlike randomly throwing the disc around during Ashesi Ultimate). Tom found the group from a Reddit-Facebook combo and insisted we go Saturday to play ultimate in Accra. It was a fun time and I was undoubtedly the MVP both throwing and catching many scores on my team’s routing of Tom’s. We wondered how our adventures would have differed if Tom had initially found the ultimate page when he searched at the beginning of our trip, but as usual we are thankful for how things have been turning out so far.

Saturday night we made sure to get the cab to the airport a couple hours early for Sunday morning with a Ghanaian schedule in mind (flight at 11:30, told cab to be ready at 7:30). Not to our surprise the cab was not only not on time, but didn’t end up coming at all. Luckily one of the security guard transports was going into Kwabenya station and we hitched a ride. From there we got a cab and made it to the airport at 9am so everything worked out surprisingly well. With a few hours to kill at the airport I played some Age of Mythology I downloaded for our long drive back and progressed through the second GoT book, while Tom made a progress reading through The Two Towers. Then over the loudspeaker, we heard the boarding call for our flight and hopped on the plane up north.

Off to Tamale/Northern Region,

-Ghana Guys ❤